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Each user of ANGRADA may act as a photographer. By doing so, you will not accept a permanent job, but work independently whenever you want. How many pictures you take and upload is up to you alone.

You should have a digital camera, have some time and bring some enthusiasm to help build and expand ANGRADA.

We offer you the opportunity to gain on the sale of images licenses (reimbursement). The more pictures you put online, the greater your options.

All photos must be taken by you personally and can not be copies of other images. Downloaded pictures from the Internet and copies may not be used. You automatically agree to those conditions when you upload images to ANGRADA.

Upload of Photos

Under My Data – Article Maintenance - New Entry, enter new data and upload the accompanying photos. For each photo, the necessary data needs to be entered. Please remember, the more accurate a picture is entered, the higher the probability that it is found during the search, too.
You can capture and upload your images online. The easiest way is to burn your images and the completed Excel Sheet on CD and send it to us via regular mail. We will of course reimburse your postage costs to your Angrada account or via direct pay. If you take this route, use only the downloaded Excel template. Do not make any changes to this template, since our system will no longer be able to use.


possible photos:
Grave stones, memorial stones, fallen monuments, family ads in newspapers (obituaries, thanks, births, communions, confirmations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, memories, ...), old photographs, school class photos, church records, documents of civil registries (birth and death announcements), soldier stones of 2 World War II, military documents, passenger lists of "emigrant ships," etc.

Image size max. 2MB

Grave stones: Grave stones are lost forever after the beneficial ownership period of the grave. It is therefore most important to photograph as soon as possible many grave stones as possible and thus to sustain the memory. It is possible to photograph grave stones of an entire cemetery.

Family ads from newspapers: Death notices, acknowledgments, obituaries, births, communions, confirmations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, memories, etc., can be photographed and uploaded.

Other documents: All documents which serve the memory of deceased persons, eg Church book pages can be photographed. Also, pictures of other souvenirs, That show a clear reference to a person, e.g. military reservist’s pitcher.

For reasons of security and possible abuse, all pictures and entries are first reviewed and approved by us before they are available on ANGRADA. This can take up to 24 hours.
Also we will periodically review the images for duplicates. If duplicates are found, the image of the best quality will be kept. If there are two pictures of the same quality, we will keep the image that was uploaded first. The remaining duplicates will be deleted without prior notice.

Each time a photo you uploaded to ANGRADA photo is "sold" or selected by a sponsor, you will receive a commission (reimbursement) of 100% of the selling price. Each photograph can be sold several times, depending on the interest it finds. Grave stones of famous people are very popular. The sale prices can give you some guidance find them under Infos – Prices.

A payment is possible after a minimum amount of 10 €. Reimbursed postage costs can be paid at any time. They are exempt from the minimum amount.