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Assistance on Angrada

Each year, thousands of graves will be removed od destroyed, documents disappear from archives, family ads in newspapers will be disposed of in paper containers. Weeks, months and sometimes years later, we are aware, what memories were destroyed there.

ANGRADA it has set itself the task of securing these memories with photos - in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

To realize this we need your help.


With setup of photos you can actively participate in ANGRADA. Due to copyright the pictures need to be done by you personally.

Photos can taken of:

Grave stones, memorial stones, soldier monuments, family ads in daily newspapers (obituaries, births, communions, confirmations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, reminders, ...), church records, documents of registry offices (birth and death announcements), death person pictures, soldier pictures of 2 World War II, military documents, passenger lists of emigrants' ships, etc.

Picture size max. 2MB

Privacy policy:

Once all data published in Germany (eg in newspapers, books, etc.) this records are no longer subject to data protection. Also are all publicly accessible spaces and places (eg cemetery, grave stones, etc.) not affected by the Privacy.

Commissions (cost reimbursement)):

Each of your photo that is sold or selected as a sponsor brings you a commission (reimbursement) of 100% of the sales price. Each photo can also sold several times, depending on interest. Grave stones from the famous people are very popular.

Setup of photos:

You must be registered with ANGRADA and agree thelicense agreements and Conditions of use. The setting and collecting photos is in the "My Data" possible.

Everything you can read in that section.