Effective: 01. November 2010

1. Introduction

1.1    The present agreement is governed by the conditions under which the members (the Customers) which provided photographs and associated data (Images) of angrada.de / angrada.eu / angrada.com - Vogt GbR (Vogt GbR) may use.

1.2    Customer and photographer will called as Members in this agreement. 1.3    The customer license agreement is in addition to the terms of use which all members have to agree, too. An inconsistency between this Agreement and the terms of use, this License Agreement of customers is valid.

2. Licenses

2.1 Function:
Vogt GbR grants you a non-exclusive, time and location unrestricted license to use the content for the permissible purposes in accordance with the following provisions.

2.2 Rights:
All other rights to the content and images, including all copyrights remain with Vogt GbR or the creator of the images.

2.3 Additional disclosure:
The license is not transferable.

2.4 Purpose:
The images may be used only for private use. Any other use requires the written consent of Vogt GbR.

2.5 Processing rules t:
The images may be modified (eg, coloring, editing of the image), as long as it can be assumed that the changes should not negatively affect the copyright or other third parties with you, such as engaging in moral rights, defamation, intellectual property rights. In no case may the contents be distorted by the treatment.

3. Unauthorized Used

The images may not be used:

(a)    The images may not be used.
(b)    The author in a derogatory manner or if it can be assumed that the author with the publication could not agree. In this case, an express written consent of Vogt GbR must be obtained.
(c)    As a trademark, logo or business sign or part thereof.
(d)    For use in templates (templates) that are intended for resale, such as website templates, flash templates, business card templates, electronic greeting cards and templates for the design of brochures.
(e)     Unauthorized communication activities, either directly or indirectly (eg. spam)
(f)    Other wrongful acts.

4. Transfer of usage rights

4.1    The use rights are transferred in accordance with the applicable license at the time of conclusion of the ordering process.

4.2    This transfer is subject to the condition of payment of the required license fee at the end of the ordering process.

5. License fee

5.1    The fee is due immediately after the completed purchase to pay - see section 5 of the terms of use.

5.2    If the customer does or can not use the pictures, Vogt GbR is neither to withdraw nor to refund the license fee.

6. Limited Representations and Warranties

6.1    With the large number of pictures, despite our control, it can happen that unusable (extremely blurry or fuzzy images) or incorrectly assigned images come in the database. With purchase of such an image, the license fee will be refunded. Complaints must be within 1 week after purchase of the image by e-mail to the Vogt GbR, provided the inadequacy of the order number and details claimed the picture. After review by the Vogt GbR, the purchase price paid and the amount will be credited as on the Angrada account. A refund is not in principle for color variations, over-or under-exposure or minimal complaints, as they may occur inevitably.

6.2    The right to a damages claim does not exist.

6.3    The liability of Vogt GbR or the liability of its agents for breach of obligations and tort is limited to intent and gross negligence. This does not apply in case of injury to life, limb and health claims for infringement of cardinal duties and compensation of damage caused by delay (§ 286 BGB).

6.4    The liability for the violation of cardinal obligations is limited to the foreseeable, typically occurring damage.

7. Final Provisions

7.1    This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

7.2     If any clause is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

License Agreement Photographer

Effective: 01. November 2010

1. Introduction

1.1    The present agreement is governed by the conditions under which the members (the Customers) which provided photographs and associated data (Images) of angrada.de / angrada.eu / angrada.com - Vogt GbR (Vogt GbR) may use.

1.2     Customer and photographer will called as Members in this agreement.

1.3    The license agreement photographer is in addition to the terms of use which all members have to agree, too. An inconsistency between this Agreement and the terms of use, this License Agreement of photographer is valid.

1.4    The images that can be posted on this website are grave stones, ads from newspapers (death, birth and family ads), church records and other documents.

1.5     Once published data are no longer subject to data protection (German law). This refers to the grave stones and ads (death notices, birth announcements, wedding, etc.). This can thus be photographed. For ads should be noted, however, that copyright of the newspaper can be violated. In case of suspicion of copyright infringement, it is advisable to obtain an approval of the respective newspaper. A list of the newspapers in which no family ads may be photographed is on our website. This list is to check before setting an image.

2. Transfer of Rights

2.1     The photographer transfers Vogt GbR content, time or space, all easily transferable right to use the images in the database of Angrada.

2.2    The transfer of the rights is important to grant customers the rights under the customer agreement to use the image.

2.3    The Vogt GbR may also transfer or sell its rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third company (such as a foreign company or an affiliate). In this case the photographer has the right to terminate the license agreement, effective at the time of transfer of contract.

2.4    The photographer agrees that all the images made by him and licensing with no mention of his name (anonymous). The photographer expressly waives his right to be named.

2.5    The Vogt GbR is not obligate to utilize this right.

2.6    The transfer of usage rights to the Vogt GbR covers all currently known types of uses and includes the digitization, duplication, distribution, display, perform, broadcast, public access and public by Disk as well as the right of commercial exploitation of the Images from the production and distribution of goods of any kind, (eg posters, calendars, brochures, leaflets, etc.). The images may both digital and analog out in all the appropriate media (eg on-line use of any kind, any print use, TV, CD, DVD, etc., interactive and multimedia use, etc.) and used in databases, even where they are accessible online are stored.

Transfer will also:

(a)     the handling right to edit (the right to the images using analog, digital or other image processing methods, while respecting the moral rights or alter - assembly, photo-technical alienation, coloring),

(b)     the right to use the images on the Angrada website. For those collecting the author is no compensation.

(c)     the right to use the images for self promotion in any media without charge. The right in the pictures is also the partners of the Vogt GbR for their own advertising, in particular the promotion of the cooperation. For those collecting the author is no compensation.

3. Special Projects

3.1    As part of special projects are taken individual and optional license agreements between Vogt GbR and special licensing partners. The right to use and compensation are dependent on the use of images for specific purposes (eg. print an image onto a canvas).

3.2    Vogt GbR provides on its website with information available before a special license is introduced and inform the photographer also by e-mail.

3.3    Within two weeks of notification of a special project, photographers may object to the use of the content for each specific project. Thereafter, the participation shall be accepted. The participation may be withdrawn at any time.

4. Setup of pictures

4.1     The photographer has the ability to upload pictures on the website and enter the corresponding data. There is also the possibility to send pictures with CD or DVD by mail to Vogt GbR. Vogt GbR will upload the images for free. The data can be pre-entered in a spreadsheet table. On Anrada webpage the spreadsheet table is available for download. They may not be changed under any circumstances in the structure or layout otherwise the reading can not be made.

4.2    The data of the images and the images themselves will be checked. If they already exist in the database they will be deleted without notification.

5. Free Images

5.1     Vogt GbR can offer a "free-pictures-program". The photographer agree that his images can used by Vogt GbR under the "free-pictures-program" - free of charge.

5.2    This selection can be disabled at any time.

5.3    Vogt GbR is therefore entitled but not obliged to provide selected images in a special section of the site.

5.4    The photographer omitted the remuneration of any transactions during the free-image program. Vogt GbR will not pay anything pay for free pictures.

6. Assurance

6.1    By the set of images to Angrada the author assures that he is entitled to give all rights issued under this Agreement to Vogt GbR and that he has not given any rights to use images which could be contrary to this agreement.

6.2    Included in the assurance to which the uploaded images representations foreign ownership, the author guarantees that he - if required by law - has obtained a valid and legally binding release statement regarding the presentation of this property from the copyright owner. A release certificate must not be obtained for pictures of grave stones or newspaper ads.

6.3    The author further warrants:

(a)    that the images are not against copyright, trademark, privacy rights, publicity rights or other rights of third parties.

(b)     that the images have no locking mechanism.

(c)     that the images contains all the descriptive information to use in Angrada database.

(d)     that the images are clean without any viruses.

6.4     The author is prohibited during the term of the contract with Vogt GbR, doing own business in any case with the customers of Vogt GbR.

7. Remuneration

7.1     Prices are published on the Angrada website. Prices can be change without prior notice. The changes are specified on the website in due time and valid for two weeks later.

7.2    For each downloaded image the author will get the agreed payment - minus any discounts or other special conditions. For setting the image in our database no payment is due, first at the sale (licensing) to a customer.

7.3    The remuneration is payable if the payment of the customer for licensing is received at Vogt GbR.

7.4    The payment of the credit must be request from Vogt GbR and can be paid out if the balance reaches a minimum value of 10 €. Amounts below the minimum sum of 10 € can be paid out with a payable fee of 4 €. Any transfer fee is not payable by Vogt GbRs. The payment amount can be changed without prior notice and at the discretion of Vogt GbR.

7.5    Vogt GbR commit to pay latest within 3 weeks after application br>
7.6    Vogt GbR reserves the right to offer prices in other currencies. The conversion rates will be posted on our webpage then.

7.7    Vogt GbR is entitled to recover funds which are already paid if there is a violation against the Vogt GbR agreements.

8. Deletion of images

8.1    If the author likes to delete picture in the database, he may send an request to Vogt GbR. After check Vogt GbR will delete the images within a maximum of 3 months without charging a fee.

8.2    Exceptions from the deletion of images:

(a)    Images are used for administrative, tax or warranty purposes.

(b)    Images that are licensed to customers are not deleted, but made inactive.

8.3    Already transferred license rights to customers still exist and stay valid.

9. Prüfung der Bilder, Haftungsregelung

9.1    Vogt GbR has the right but not the obligation to check, modify or delete uploads or image without any reasons. Data entered by the author may be modified by Vogt GbR. For sure Vogt GbR can not review all the images. Only the author is responsible for the legality of his images.

9.2    Only the author taken the risk to violate against copyright, personal rights, property law or intellectual property rights by third parties.

9.3    The same applies on the customer side.

9.4    Vogt GbR particular accepts no liability which may arise from a non-conforming use of the images set by the customer.

9.5    If an author or customer find a violation against right, Vogt GbR must be notified immediately. Vogt GbR will delete the images without delay from the database.

10. Schlussbestimmungen

10.1    This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. If there is a misunderstanding or wrong translation, the German version of this agreement is valid br>
10.2    Are individual clauses invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions are not affected.